Retreat to sacred spaces…

It’s important to rest all parts of you, heart & soul included. Retreat to a place where you can recharge – sometimes that’s the mountains and sometimes it’s your living room couch. Wherever you go to reconnect, bring Tokem to help you get there.

Prerolls that are ready to go when you are!

We stay on our grind so you don’t have to. Our team does the hard work of getting your bud ready by hand so all you have to do is grab a preroll and kick-back, simple as that.

Staff Pick: Dutch Treat!

This week’s staff choice was picked by none other than our favorite sales manager, Rob! Dutch Treat is a staple on our menu and this classic strain has a special place in our hearts. These beautiful sticky nugs are an Indica-dominant hybrid that packs a lot into a little package. Dutch Treat remains one of […]