Dive in to the weekend!

We’re ready to dive into the weekend head first, what about you? What’s on your Friday night agenda?

Roll your own or buy a pre-roll? 

Do you usually roll your own, or opt for a pre-roll? Some days we like the meditation of creating our own joint, and some days we’re ready to kick back without the extra steps. Aren’t we lucky that we get to pick?!    

Practicing Gratitude Through November

This November, we’re choosing something to be grateful for every Saturday in celebration of the season. Today, we want to show our gratitude for this amazing plant that makes our livelihoods possible and the new states that have voted to join our growing family of thriving legal cannabis.

We’re glad it’s the weekend…

With a week like this, we’re ready for downtime. Happy Friday everybody! Take some time to relax and get out into nature if you have a break this weekend.