Buckets and bins full of flower…

Surrounded by buckets of flower sure sounds like a dream. We’re so thankful to be a part of this crazy business and the cannabis community, sometimes we forget how lucky we are. If you could have a 5-gallon bucket of bud, what strain would you pick?

Made by hand…

When each preroll is packed by hand, you know you’re getting a fully loaded smoke sesh. We treat your joints like you’d treat your joints. Look for Tokem at your local shop next time you stop by.

Whoops! Hang in there!

We’re not taking any new orders right now but we’ll let you know when that changes! In the meantime, thanks for hanging in there with us!

We know the importance of caring.

We know the importance of gentle trimming, that’s why we’re dedicated to handling each bud with care. All our products are hand trimmed and packaged so we can pass the love on to you.